Here are some of our clients

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And here are some of our projects

<3 DiGiTaL!

Our work includes all parts of the creative process.
We often work with ideas from the ground up, put
together budgets and pitches and make sure we have
everything it takes to put all the bits and pieces in place.
Often, this involves a lot of partners  and international
To make it work, we use various methods and salute
flexibility and change.
Often we also come on board for one particular part
of the projects and deliver products and pieces that
have been pre-approved and designed in advance.
We work with:
  • Media and events planning
  • Live streaming
  • Social media strategy
  • Music and rights management
  • Production co-ordination
  • Visual art
  • App Development
  • Live streaming and real-time updates


New Markets…

…in the Palm of your hand

Working across borders makes everything stronger, clearer and bigger.

We love working with products and teams across various markets.

Our services include everything from idea to marketing, and we make

it easy to understand the new markets and cultures. If you’re looking

for more clients and opportunities, don ‘t forget that we live in a big world.

We are an international team and we aways work on cross-market projects,

especially targeted on Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Our international services include:

Market research

Access market plans

Local project management

Client assessment

Cultural localisation of product

Marketing Plans

Translation and subtitling


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