As you may expect from a name such as Upstart, our company is about pushing

the boundaries with new ways of thinking about artistic, music, and news events

as well as everything around them. We do things other companies wouldn’t –

things that might be perceived as risky or, perhaps, “untested”. We work this

way because we believe in progress, and that only real pioneers make real


We work across various mediums and constantly follow new tech developments

with everything from HTML to Virtual reality to make the project as strong as

possible. We go into new markets, make existing ideas stronger and make sure

that every piece of work shines as well as it should.

This is why, in our eyes, we’re not taking the risk, but simply making progress in

ways that it wasn’t possible before but that we know will be the common

knowledge in the future. We were one of the first companies to work on some of

the most progressive YouTube and channels such as Vice News, on demand apps

as well as new festivals like ‘On Blackheath’ in London, from where we delivered

footage of some of the best artists. We also worked with most of Londons venues

and delivered project in various European cities such as Oslo, Copenhagen,


In general, we like to see the project through from the beginning to the end, but

we also understand that some projects are too large and complex for one

company to handle and have to be done as collaboration with others. This, we

believe is also the key to innovation and collaboration which creates the base for

potential future work and a base for something amazing. This is what makes

things possible in ways that didn’t seem reasonable before.

Every project is unique and always needs a unique approach and appropriate

love. It also needs time to develop and grow into a tree that supports the team

that raised it and, subsequently, creates fruits for everyone around it. These

fruits then get their own lives and become a new part and the key for expansion

that keeps on taking shape and form. This is why we see the idea of taking

products into new market is an essential core of ours and our clients’ philosophy

and an essential part for growth. To achieve that, our essentially everyone that

ever comes in contact with Upstart Media is welcome to brainstorm about

various possibilities with barely the sky as the limit and come up with ideas that,

at first, may appear crazy, but soon become realistic, possible and slowly turn

into a reality such as wireless charging tents pumping you with music at you, and

major musicals appearing in new and previously unknown to it places.

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