London is famous for many things with its live music scene at the top of the list.

There are live gigs absolutely everywhere, with places varying from massive

arenas, to simple stages in the corners of pubs that come alive every night and

host some of the most famous artists on the planet, featuring Bob on the door

charging a fiver on a regular Wednesday night.

Playing London is a right of passage for many musicians and performers. The UK

capital is home to as many as 177 gigs a night and some of the best artists

compete for the attention of the sophisticated and culturally aware audience.

With so many shows and acts it can be hard to follow who is playing when, both

for the artists and the fans, who never want to miss out on that gig, but

sometimes end up not even knowing that it happening until such time as their

mates posts photos from it on Instagram, how much fun they had.

It’s tough, but we try to tell people not to take it to heart, especially now when

we have SynQue. It’s a video platform where our users can find video clips of

artists they already love and artists they don’t know they love yet, but whose

music is about to make their lives richer and cooler then their mates’. We use

technology, syndication and general magic to find out what it is our users listen

to. Then, we use that information to match it with the most relevant artists

visiting our amazing capital in the nearest future.

This makes things easier in the music industry – one of the toughest professions

to make money of in modern times, but one that would make a world a very

depressing place if it simply disappeared. As many artists become more and

more dependent on live music, SynQue facilitates the promotion and reach to the

right fans – those who love to go to the gigs but simply don’t know about it

happening, or simply don’t know about the music yet. The uniqueness of SynQue

is that artists can make sure that they reach their existing fans and, at the same

time, grow, as we post their music to new fans too. Both these things are very

important parts of a sold-out success, especially as marketing the live concerts

becomes more and more complicated.

With video, fans do not only hear the music, but also get a feeling for what it is

and how it feels like to be right at the center of things. In shows everyone why

it’s important to, not only listen to the music, but also be a part of the scene and

be there when it all happens. This is why, SynQue is not simply about discovering

music but also be a part of the London music scene each day and every day, with

people uniting through their favorite tracks and venues.

Using SynQue is very simple and, of course, everyone is welcome to do it. Come

on board and sing up on to stay on top of things and follow us

on twitter, facebook and insta. See ya at the gig!upstart_enlarged_Q_Only

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